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14 months ago
Small pic unilever hair demo challenge

We make in-shower hair products , like shampoo and conditioner, that deliver noticeable and significant improvements for hair.   Women that use our products can truly see and feel the difference as their hair is left smooth, soft, and shiny!  

Today, we want to demonstrate the moisturizing benefit of our in-shower hair products so that women will immediately understand that our products are superior to competitors and will want to begin using them.  

This is where you come in:  We want you to think about all of the same, basic advertisements you may have seen for in-shower hair products claiming to offer superior moisture benefits for hair (magazines, commercials, social media ads, etc.).  Then, think about a creative and fresh way to showcase how our in-shower products are better at moisturizing hair than the competitors!  We are looking for something that would be effective as an ad on social media.


Your challenge is to submit an idea for marketing material for an in-shower shampoo or conditioner product that will clearly communicate its superior moisture benefit.   Here's what we are looking for:

  • A product promotion in the form of a series of visuals, a script (detailed verbal description), or short video showcasing the superior moisturizing performance of an in-shower hair product.  For the sake of any visuals, just pretend you are using one of our products.  We are looking for the idea behind the promotion rather than anything to do with our brand.
  • Your idea should showcase our product having a better moisture benefit than a competitor. 
  • The visuals, script, or video can be shown on hair or you could use an analogy to demonstrate the effect it has on hair. (see Clinique photos below where the concealer is applied to a speckled egg, drawing a metaphor to its skin coverage) Even if you use an analogy, it needs to connect / relate back directly to the hair product and it's effectiveness at moisturizing.  
  • Your marketing idea should be ideal for something you might see on your Instagram feed.  For example, it could be a quick video, or a series of 3 visuals that you swipe to view. 
  • The setting of your promo can be anywhere, at home, in a salon, on a plane, at the beach, etc. 
  • Product promos should be appealing and convincing to real women, so your material should use real women!

Here is an example of marketing material that would be considered a TOP submission.  Please note: your submission should be for a moisturizing shampoo or conditioner and not the products below.

Notice in the Clinique example below that the product is front and center in the visuals even though it's effectiveness is conveyed in an unexpected and clever way (i.e. the spotted egg being analogous to imperfect skin).  If you submit an analogy, be sure to feature the moisturizing hair product.