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As a Seed Stage investment firm, we fund and support companies innovating within upcoming business and technology trends. Trying to pick the success of emerging businesses solving problems can be a tricky and dynamic proposition. It requires foresight, pattern recognition, research, and the ability to analyze multiple factors that contribute to risk and the likelihood of success.

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In 500 - 750 words, tell us a story about an experience with a hypothetical connected device (or devices) that will exist in 3 years. It can be a completely new invention, or an improvement of an existing device. Take us through a day in the life of someone close to you (your friend, brother or parent, for example) and how they interact with their device(s). Pick somebody close to you but who has a job. Walk us through their entire day from wakeup to sleep, highlighting the interactions he/she has with the device. Describe the device(s). Be creative, no typos.

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