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Design a biodegradable cooler
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66 months ago
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There are many companies that manufacture coolers (portable ice chests) that span from small personal size coolers at $10 to large rolling coolers for professional sportsman that retail for prices above $500. Even though the coolers look different in shape, color, size and features, most to all have one distinct similarity – they use materials that are not biodegradable and none are ECO friendly.

In fact, the most common material that provides the thermal insulation is polyurethane. Another common thermal material used on the inexpensive coolers found at gas stations or convenient marts is Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene (EPS). While these materials work well for maintaining temperature, they don't help out the planet. We want to make a more environmentally friendly cooler.


Propose an environmentally friendly personal cooler that meets the following criteria:

- 10-30 Quart size

- Must maintain ice for at least one day per 10 quart v