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Design a self-closing bottle
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74 months ago
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When medical products are exposed to air for too long, the quality and efficacy of the product can be severely reduced, posing a big problem for users. Often, when medical professionals and patients try to reseal the products, they put the cap on the bottle incorrectly, or forget entirely. The steps of removing and replacing the cap also increase workflow and reduce efficiency. We see a need for a self-closing bottle that meets the following criteria:

  • - A height of five inches and diameter of two inches.
  • - A design such that it will support manufacturing product volumes of approximately 5 million units per year at a cost of less than $0.15 each, preferably less than $0.10 each.
  • - Made of material that will exclude light.
  • - Should be easy to open, ideally with a single hand.
  • - The container is to be used once and discarded, so think green.
  • - An opening wide enough to provide access to contents.
  • - Rugged and able to be used in far reaching environments, from your home to the Australian Outback or Alaska.

NOTE: We are not only interested in pilled medicine bottles, like the one shown above, and it does not need to be a cylinder either.


NOTE: Do not worry about childproofing your packaging design.

Design a medicine bottle or package that self-closes after a user opens it. In your solution, include the following:

  1. A mockup, image, or model that illustrates your design.
  2. An explanation of how your proposed design works, and what it should be made of.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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