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Can you improve liquid laundry detergent dispensers?
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36 months ago
Small pic detergent dispenser

When most people wash their clothes, they reach for a bottle of liquid laundry detergent. More than 2 billion bottles of liquid detergent were purchased in 2016. However, competition from detergent tablets has slowed the liquid detergent category's growth. Three big issues tend to frustrate users of liquid detergent: inconvenience, having to guess the right amount of detergent to use, and messiness.

We want your help improving the current detergent dispenser options. Today, consumers can choose between a pour spout and a push-button spigot. Both can be messy, heavy and awkward, and they require two hands for operating. Come up with an idea that makes getting liquid detergent into the wash better and you'll make life easier for millions of people. Top solutions will strongly approach the element of customization, from customizing the right amount for a load to uniquely "cocktailing" the perfect mix of detergent + other performance additives for a particular laundry outcome.


Tell us how you would improve the liquid detergent dispenser. Specifically:

  1. Design a di