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Can your app design make creating and updating contracts easier?
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30 months ago
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Creating and modifying business contracts is often a long and drawn out process for both parties.  Consider some of the main areas in which it is currently inefficient: 

  • Creating Contracts: Negotiations between the buyer and the seller are often done through email which slows down communication and makes it difficult to view and edit contract changes. 
  • Collaborating on Contracts: The individual writing the contract needs internal approval before making changes to it, resulting in a less efficient negotiation process.
  • Modifying Contracts: Even after the contract is created and signed, it may still need some modifications. For example, a worker may find a flaw in an existing contract.  The worker may not have a good channel to report the flaw, and even if they do, the process for modification is often as cumbersome as the negotiation process. 

Our challenge is to design a digital app that will improve the current process by allowing for the simple creation, collaboration, and modificat