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QUICK SOLVE: What would make you change to a digital-only bank?
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40 months ago
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What features, offers, or benefits would compel you to switch from your current bank or financial services company to a new digital-only bank with no physical branches. Be specific! No insight is too small or complex.


Complete one of the following:

Option 1: 3 prizes x $500

  1. What features, offers, or benefits would you need to switch to a digital only bank?
  2. Include potential barriers or problems in a digital only bank that worry you.
  3. Who is your current bank and what’s good or bad about them?
  4. If applicable, tell us about any time you’ve changed banks before, and why you decided to change. Please indicate which category you fall into:
    I switched banks completely - Closed all my accounts with a bank and transferred to a new bank
    I switched accounts