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How can we gamify the digital pharmacy experience?
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26 months ago
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When companies look for ways to innovate and disrupt the health care industry, the pharmacy stands out as an area of great promise. Our health care company wants to focus on ways we can create a gamified digital pharmacy app that will achieve three key goals:

  • Improve health literacy;
  • Improve medication adherence; and,
  • Develop familiarity with the app through frequent use.

We want your help brainstorming a gamified app that will achieve these goals by making the digital pharmacy experience engaging. More specifically, the app needs to:

  1. Use gamification to encourage people to use the baseline features;
  2. Educate the user about the pharmacy;
  3. Educate the user about that individual's prescriptions and conditions; and,
  4. Increase user adherence to their medications and refills.

The best ideas will find ways to encourage app use both for patients with existing medications or conditions and users who have no current prescriptions. We have a set of baseline app features our app will need to include:

  • Automatic prescription refill and renewal enrollment options, as well a