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QUICK-SOLVE: How can technology make life better for disabled people?
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The first 50 solvers to submit complete, detailed responses will receive $20. The top five solvers will receive and additional $100 each.
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1 in 7 people in the U.S. is disabled. We want to understand how technology can make their life better. We want you to identify the top needs the disabled have in their daily life at home and tell us how to address those needs. Think about simple tasks across the subjects of personal management (grooming, showering), home management (laundry, organizing clothes, house keeping), safety (locking doors, fire, power failure, stranger identification), nutrition (doing groceries, cooking, cleaning up, refrigerating), interacting, socializing, and more.

If you are disabled, or if you have friends and family that are, or if you are interested in making a difference, you should participate. If you are not disabled, we strongly encourage you to speak to at least one person with a disability while you respond to this challenge.

  1. For the person with a disability that you spoke to, or if you have a disability, what are the top needs in their daily life AT HOME that could be addressed, using technology, to make life independent without requiring another human’s support?
  2. For the top needs you identified, come up with an ideal technological solution that you think would make a big difference towards independence for the disabled.  (think sensors, automation, robotics, apps)

The first 50 solvers to submit complete, detailed responses will receive $20 each. The top five solvers will receive an additional $100 each.

Submission questions

What is your full legal name? Include your first name, last name, and surname?


Where do you currently reside? Include city, state, and country.


Do you hold a Director or Officer position, or are you a Significant Shareholder, at any public or private company?


If you answered yes for the previous question, provide the full legal name for each company and its country of domicile.

Select all of the following that apply:

I have a disability
A family member of mine has a disability
A close friend of mine has a disability
None of the above

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