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How can we bring R5's music to a college-aged audience?
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64 months ago
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Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus have all had their careers take off in different directions but share one common theme: success with Disney. R5 is a pop-rock group consisting of Lynch family members Rocky, Ross, Riker, and Rydel along with their family-friend Ellington. The band has a huge following and established hits such as "Loud", "Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight", "Smile", "All Night", and more.

The band is older now (spanning ages 19-23) and the group is ready to have fans the same age. Transitioning from a younger audience like R5s to the college-aged demographic is no easy feat though. What steps can be taken to ensure R5's music and image can keep pace with their listener's changing interests?