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What is your creative or DIY solution for food and beverages?
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20 months ago
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Gen Z and Millennials express their unique and creative ideas through doing and making things themselves and by adding a personal touch to what they consume. This is evident in their food choices, as they often seek opportunities to recreate, mix, customize, and re-purpose their foods and beverages. The increasingly popular do-it-yourself products, such as pickling kits, fermentation kits, and meal kits, cater to this consumer craving for personalized, DIY food and beverage options.

We would like to use YOUR ideas to introduce new DIY food and beverage product solutions that are not currently sold in market!


Propose a new idea for a food or beverage product, package, or concept that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • -can be re-used
  • -can be used in a new way
  • -can be mixed and matched to create something at home.

*Please make sure your proposal focuses on food and beverages!  We are not interested in ideas for kitchen equipment or meal kits shipped to home (which already exist).

In your proposal, please answer the following:

  1. Describe your food or beverage product. What food or meal category does it fall under? When would the consumer eat it or utilize it?
  2. Explain what makes it DIY, customizable, or creative. How can it be re-purposed, re-used, or put together to create something new?
  3. Would your idea appeal to Millennial and Gen Z consumers? Why or why not?
  4. Please include a visual if it will help to illustrate your idea.


We are seeking ideas for new food solutions that are not currently sold in market.

Please consider, but do not feel limited to, the following categories:

  • -beverages
  • -on-the-go snacking
  • -meal solutions
  • -food additives
  • -flavor combinations
  • -sauces/condiments
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Top 10% share $1,000 Next 15% share $400 Next 25% share $200
$83.30 S California Institute of Technology
$83.30 S Duke University
$83.30 Square pic 60 urxyiycmajk0smfjdqjwh sj xelqeil2 85fg4izfw University of California at San Diego
$83.30 Square pic 60 matthew gaiser calgary bow headshot  1 Queen's University
$83.30 Picture?width=160 University of Central Florida
$83.30 Square pic 60 brock Brock University
$83.30 R University of Texas at Austin
$83.30 Square pic 60 10636591 10204486580338652 7352904898954286497 o Connecticut College
$83.30 Square pic 60 img 5494 Central College of Pella, Iowa
$83.30 Square pic 60 jordan lake picture Arizona State University
$83.30 Square pic 60 img 7778 University of Oregon
$83.30 Square pic 60 dr seuss characters 85659 McGill University
$23.50 Square pic 60 15622474 10207078631995958 5708997490654909915 n Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur
$23.50 S University of Florida
$23.50 J
$23.50 T Universidade Católica Portuguesa
$23.50 Square pic 60 18278775 300478530383888 3363935450335225700 o  1 Liberty University
$23.50 Picture?width=160
$23.50 N Arizona State University
$23.50 A Arizona State University
$23.50 A University of Michigan
$23.50 J Pennfoster
$23.50 Picture?width=160 University of Houston
$23.50 K Ambrose University College
$23.50 A Palm Beach State College
$23.50 R University of Massachusetts
$23.50 Square pic 60 ahahahaha Yorkville University
$23.50 Picture?width=160 University of Vermont
$23.50 H University of Toronto
$7.10 Square pic 60 ajay pic JAMK University of Applied Science,Finland
$7.10 Square pic 60 practice info box profile pic University of Minnesota
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$7.10 R York University
$7.10 Picture?width=160
$7.10 Picture?width=160 Long Island University
$7.10 W University of Washington
$7.10 A
$7.10 Square pic 60 unknown Williams College
$7.10 Square pic 60 2.0 Durham College
$7.10 Square pic 60 45774 10152580103270089 50431581 n University of Waterloo
$7.10 Y
$7.10 Square pic 60 bird average bird lifespans thinkstock 155253666 McMaster University
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$7.10 Picture?width=160 Arizona State University
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$7.10 J Queen's University
$7.10 Square pic 60 photo.aspx Bucknell University
$7.10 N Missouri University of Science and Technology
$7.10 Square pic 60 headshot University of Central Florida
$7.10 Picture?width=160 York University
$7.10 Square pic 60 img 6904 1 Georgia Institute of Technology
$7.10 53bb2398012b614e5b536ab785330409 normal The College of William & Mary
$7.10 S Korea University/Yonsei University
$7.10 V University of Colorado Denver
$7.10 S University of King's College
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