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How can we make the drinkable product that's perfect for you?
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25 months ago
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At Del Monte Foods, we make a wide range of broth , tomato, fruit, and vegetable products. Now, we want you to take our flavor-forward approach to the beverage world.

We believe that drinkable products made with vegetables, broth, tomatoes, and fruit will soon be an integral part of today's busy lifestyle. As part of that, we want you to tell us what you want from these types of products, when you would consume them, and where. With your help, we'll have the perfect line of healthy and delicious beverages for you and your friends!


Help us come up with the next great drinkable product that uses broth, tomato, fruit, and/or vegetables. Your idea could be a meal, a mini-meal, or a snack, but you must answer the following questions in detail:

  1. What is your idea for a drinkable product? In your answer, include:
    1. The ingredients. Be specific: don't just indicate broth, tomato, fruit, or vege