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African American Females: Will you take our dry shampoo challenge for $30?
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We have a fun two-part challenge specifically intended for African American females! This challenge will work differently than our typical challenges, so please carefully review the rules below:

Challenge Rules for Parts 1 and 2: 

  • You must be an African American female to be eligible to participate. You are required to submit a selfie as part of your submission, but your whole face does not have to be in it.
  • Part 1 consists of a brief survey.  Part 2 will include an activity involving the purchase and use of dry shampoo as well as several follow-up questions.  (Keep in mind most dry shampoos cost $4-$8, so the prize money will cover these costs.)
  • Prizes: 
    • Part 1: There are no prizes for Part 1.  This is considered a screener to be sure you are eligible for Part 2.
    • Part 2: $30 will be awarded to anyone who completes the activity and questions.
  • If you successfully complete Part 1, you will receive a separate email invitation to complete Part 2 and will then be awarded your $30 prize. 
  • Anyone who is eligible by completing Part 1 will receive exclusive access to Part 2. 


To qualify for Part 2 and the $30 prize, please complete the following:

  • Answer each of the survey questions below
  • Upload a selfie in the open text box (you can block out your face, but we at least need to see your hair)

We will notify you via MindSumo message and/or email if you are eligible for part 2 :)

Submission questions

Do you identify as an African American female? 


What is your age? 

under 18
18 - 22
23 - 26
27 - 30
31 - 39
40 - 49

How would you describe your current hair texture? Please select the one that best applies.

braids / extensions

Which of the products listed below are part of your hair regime? Please choose all that apply.

Regular shampoo
Sulfate-free shampoo
2in1 shampoo
Shampoo bar / soap bar
Cleansing Conditioner / Cleansing Balm / Co-Wash
Root rinse / root exfoliator / root relief product
Rinse-off conditioner / cream rinse
Rinse-off foam conditioner
Rinse off hair mask / rinse off treatment
Leave-in conditioner / leave-in crème or cream / leave-in milk / leave-in balm / leave-in lotion
Leave-in hair mask / Leave-in hair pudding / custard
Leave-in mist / heat protection spray / detangler spray / shine spray /any conditioning leave-in spray
Hair oil / Hair Serum / Gel oil
Dry Shampoo
Hair spray (styling)
Hair mousse (styling)
Hair gel (styling)
Wax (styling)
Pomade (styling)
Putty (styling)
Glue (styling)
Paste (styling)
Hold mist / non-aerosol hair hold spray

How often do you wash your hair / use a cleansing product? 

every day
5-6 times a week
3-4 times a week
1-2 times a week
once in two weeks
once in three weeks