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How can we we make paying bills easy?
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54 months ago
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Calling all renters...Let us help you pay your bills!

Do you feel like you’re buried in bills? Coming in every week, with various due dates, leaving you stressed that you might miss a payment? Did you know that the average renter pays seven bills each month but only receives two paychecks? Try doing that math!

Now add a roommate into this equation, and watch the complication multiply. Figuring out who pays what and when is taking away from your precious have better things to do! We believe there should be an easier way to budget your expenses, pay and/or split your bills...before they are overdue.

If you were to design a solution, what would it look like and why?


Propose a suite or system to make paying bills easier for renters:

1. What will be the core features of your suite or system to ma