What new food product will fit perfectly with the latest eating styles?
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11 months ago
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Health trends we've seen over the last few years have brought an increased focus to the foods we are eating and pushed a number of distinct eating styles into the mainstream.  For example, you are probably familiar with some (or all!) of the eating styles below:

  • vegetarian - excludes meat or sometimes other animal products 
  • flexitarian - largely plant-based diet with some meat products occasionally 
  • vegan - excludes all animal products, including milk, eggs, and honey
  • paleo - excludes processed foods and ingredients and modeled off our historic hunter-gatherer diet
  • pegan - a combination of paleo + vegan
  • whole 30 - excludes additives, alcohol, dairy, and read more here!
  • gluten free - excludes foods containing gluten
  • keto - excludes carbs with an emphasis on meat and healthy fats
  • FODMAP - focus on consuming short-chain carbohydrates to reduce digestive issues (read more here)

People are going to great lengths to design their diets to meet their nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle preferences, and this often involves extra effort putting together meals and making things at home.  So, how can we make it easier when they are shopping in a food store to find things they really want but typically can't buy?


We are interested in bringing a new food product into stores that will meet the specific preferences of one of today's eating styles.   First, answer the survey questions below to select the eating style your product idea supports.  Then, answer the following in the open text box:

  1. What is your new food product idea that will support the eating trend you selected or added (if you selected "other") in the survey question?  
    • This should be a new offering that people can't easily find in stores today.
    • It should appeal to someone following a specific eating style that you select in the survey questions.
    • Ex: You may be a vegan that has to make a certain food or recipe at home. Your idea could suggest that a food store offers this as a finished product that you could easily buy. 
    • Please be encouraged to submit an idea that would appeal to you personally!  For example, if you are doing whole 30, share an idea for a food you'd love to buy!
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity