Create a data visualization to navigate educational standards
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Educational standards such as common core state standards for math can be visualized as a hierarchical graph structure. The common core math standards use a structure of:

Subject (Math) --> Domains --> Clusters --> Standards.

From a top level graph "node" representing the "math" subject there are second level nodes that represent domains, e.g. "Counting and Cardinality" or "Number and Operations in Base Ten". Domains are further structured into clusters and clusters contain node instances that represent an individual standard.

Any given cluster or standard can be related to others in other subjects and domains. We want to create a unique data visualization that will allow each of these different types of data categories to be explored and expanded, so that teachers and students alike can better explore educational standards.



Create a web-based data visualization using the attached data set that allows users to freely explore common core educational standards, clusters, domains and subjects, and the “cross walks” between them.

Your submission should include a link to a webpage that displays an interactive navigation solution to the problem

What is a "cross walk"?

A cross-walk represents an area where a subject, standard, or cluster "crosses" into another domain.


Must be web-based
Users can expand/collapse nodes in the hierarchies and still indicate connections at lower levels.
Users can progressively expand/collapse the hierarchical structure of any of the collections
Users can have multiple collections shown expanded or collapsed at the same time
Users can "see" that there are alignments at shown levels or lower
Must work in the full range of all modern browser releases, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE
Minimize the amount of vertical or horizontal scroll, if any
Prefer to be able to easily identify what a node or link is about (e.g. hover over etc.)


The focus of this project is to create a cool data visualization that will make it easy for teachers and curriculum directors to make sure their teaching is meeting educational standard.
Using a data visualization tool such as D3 is strongly encouraged.

7 star solution:
- web based
- allows user to examine cross walks
- allows user to expand / collapse hierarchical structure

Additional Materials:
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