Can you eliminate hand grinding from our casting process?
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32 months ago
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As the industry leader in developing and manufacturing machinery, our company consistently innovates to create top of the line equipment and ensure the highest level of employee safety. Today we are interested in a new process to remove or eliminate burn in from our casting process.

Currently when working with castings, a hand grinder with cut off wheels or stones are used to remove quality and process imperfections from the castings. We believe there is a safer and equally more efficient way to remove imperfections from the casting process, and we want to hear YOUR ideas on how to do it!

Please watch this video to see our current process:


We are interested in your idea(s) for a safer, risk-free method for removing casting process and quality imperfections. Ideally, your response would replace the cut wheel altogether, improve safety, and not slow down the task time. Specifically, answer the following questions:

  1. What changes would you make to the process for removing the imperfections for the casting? We want a wholly new process!
  2. How does your method eliminate or reduce the safety risks in this process?
  3. How will your method maintain the efficiency of our current process? Please describe any predicted changes in the amount of time it will take to process each part. Currently, it takes just under a minute to finish small castings and 3-4 minutes to complete large ones.


- Out of the box ideas or current technology ideas are equally welcome.

- Solutions can maintain the hand-operated aspect, or replace the manual labor with robotic processes.

- Consider including a visual to illustrate your idea.

Please avoid the following solution ideas:

- Small, pencil-shaped grinders with conical grinding heads. These wear out too quickly.

- Sandpaper or hand files. Like the previously mentioned pencil-shaped grinders, these are not durable enough.

- Gloves, shields, or protective coverings. The focus should be on a safer tool or process, not making the user more heavily protected.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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