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EMEA ONLY: What can employers do to better attract and retain talent?
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Gone are the days when a particular skillset would last you for a single, life-long career. As technology, political, social, and environmental shifts continue to require new skills and ways to think about things, employers need to anticipate how to develop their workforce for the future.

As a professional services company, we want your help understanding how you think about your future. As you begin your career, what opportunities to learn and develop yourself most excite and energize you?

Note* - If you are not eligible to participate in this challenge because of your location, please check the MindSumo homepage to see if you're eligible to join one of our identical challenges for different geographies


Please answer the following:

1) How do learning & development opportunities influence your decision when choosing an employer?

2) How do you expect your future employer to support your personal development?

3) What motivates or energizes you to learn something new?

4) Think of your most impactful learning experience to date. What made it so impactful?

5) What learning & development experiences do you consider innovative?

6) What skills and/or capabilities do you consider important to your career and personal success?

7) How do you learn best? For example: 

  • In a classroom 
  • From a mentor 
  • From peers 
  • In a small group project
  • Independent research
  • Etc.

8) What else would you want employers to consider as they are designing learning and development experiences for the workforce of the future?


1) Be creative in your ideas and feel free to imagine solutions that go beyond what is possible today

2) Consider how technology and digital solutions can play a role

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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