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How can we position New Zealand as an ideal partner for online learners?
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ENZ is an arm within the New Zealand (NZ) government that is responsible for marketing NZ's education industry and opportunities around the world. Since the Covid pandemic, many learners have shifted from in-person learning opportunities to online options. We see this as an opportunity to position ENZ's catalog of online learning courses as a great option for people around the globe who are interested in continuing their education – from a reputable NZ education provider. A few reasons why online courses from ENZ might appeal to learners seeking out virtual courses:

  1. NZ as a country scores high in the honesty and trustworthiness metrics- renowned for our resourcefulness and open attitudes.
  2. NZ has a unique and progressive approach to sustainability and inclusivity
  3. NZ has world renowned expertise in multiple fields.
  4. Study on-line with highly regarded and world-ranked institutions. Gain practical, relevant skills to succeed in the future.
  5. A NZ education embraces new thinking, collaboration and real-world learning to help our students create a better future

Keeping these things in mind, we want your ideas for how ENZ can position New Zealand's catalog of online courses as a great option for people looking to continue their education through virtual channels.

  1. How can we position ENZ's courses as a unique alternative to students looking to further their education through online courses?

    • What messaging/slogans could we use to articulate the benefits of choosing online courses from NZ over competing options?
    • How can we leverage NZ's natural strengths and advantages to truly create a compelling solution for international online learners?
  2. Based on your background and knowledge, what do you think are New Zealand's greatest strengths and areas of expertise? 

    • What caused you to form this opinion?
    • What kinds of online courses would you consider especially worthwhile if you could complete them through a NZ-sponsored education platform?
  3. If you could take online courses from a corporate or university-sponsored platform vs. a platform fully backed by a government entity, (in this case, NZ) which would you choose? 

    • Would it make a difference to your selection criteria? Why/why not?
    • How would you rank the importance of who was supporting/backing the online course platform (ex. corporate vs. government) compared to other considerations like price, course selection, etc.?
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
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