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Eligibility of insurance (EOI) is an application process where our customers must disclose personal health information to be considered for certain types of insurance. The insurance industry uses EOI to evaluate and decide whether the applicant is considered healthy enough to be eligible for the type and amount of insurance they are applying for. This process is only necessary when an applicant is enrolling in a coverage they previously declined or are requesting coverage exceeding their Guaranteed Issue Amount- the amount of coverage they are guaranteed without having to provide health information.

Many of our customers enter the EOI process without fully knowing what EOI is and what it is used for. Our disclaimers outline that EOI application approval may require additional information after submission, such as laboratory testing and access to all their medical history records, but these disclaimers are cumbersome to read and include insurance jargon that many are unfamiliar with. We provide a link to our frequently asked questions on the first page of our online application, but do not give any real-time customer support as they move through the application. These combined issues leave our customers confused as to why they are doing the EOI, annoyed when they have to provide additional information after the EOI submission, and frustrated when they have questions regarding their EOI with nowhere to turn for assistance.


Help Guardian create a better customer experience for our EOI application process by addressing the following:

  1. Before our customers start the EOI application process we want to provide an introduction to EOI and a background of the process.  What should this look like?  What should the customer have access to?
  2. What tools should be provided to our customers to help guide them through the EOI process.  When a customer gets stuck in any part of the application process what type of support should we provide.

For reference, see the attached step-by-step guide of our current EOI Process.

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