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QUICK SOLVE: How can we enhance our printing service?
Challenge Type: business
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We all know you can print and scan through your WiFi connection in close proximity to your printer. Once documents are uploaded to your device, your document is no longer constrained to the limits of words on a piece of paper. What if you scanned a document in a foreign language and a service streamlined the flow of translating the document to a familiar language and printed the document in your language? Imagine the use cases that can be made possible with the simple push of a button!

As technology continues to evolve and expand what’s possible for consumers, we want to know what new capability would wow printer/scanner users while also improving their everyday lives!

Here is a list of our current capabilities:

  • Print photos and documents from anywhere via a unique email address
  • Print from anywhere using a compatible printer
  • Print or scan your photos, documents and webpages directly from your smartphone or tablet
  • Use our printer to scan a file and upload it to the cloud
  • Communicate with your printing device through two-way APIs from your phone, tablet or computer. So not only can you send information to the printer, but the printer can send data back to the device or origin such as print confirmations, paper jams, etc.

Please propose ideas that are DIFFERENT from these existing features!

  1. What is a present pain point for consumers that could be solved by a new streamlined printer/scanner workflow?

  2. What new technology would create a more robust printer/scanner service to solve this problem?

    • This could be some sort of new integration, new supplemental device or printing/scanning application, automation, etc.

  3. Describe the experience and how it would fit into our current service offerings!

    • How would the user interact with your idea to alleviate the intended pain point?

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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