How can we draw more millennials to financial representative sales roles?
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A Financial Representative role with Guardian combines commission-based sales with the opportunity to help people improve their lives. Unfortunately, Millennials (especially recent grads and those aged 22-27) do not “shop” for this type of role as a first step in their career despite the benefits listed below:

- Advisers have the opportunity to help people directly through problem solving and planning.
- The role offers flexibility in schedule and clientele.
- Representatives have excellent job security and high earning potential.
- Grit, drive, and competing with oneself will lead to success.
- Sports or leadership experience backgrounds can be applied directly to results in this role.
We want to change the perceptions about these roles and make sure more people, especially millennials and recent grads aged 22-27, are aware of the positive aspects they offer. What can we do to ensure more people are attracted to to our Financial Representative role?


Explore our Financial Representative role homepage, then propose a method to attract more millennials to the role:

1. What do you think is preventing the 22-27 year old demographic from being interested in these roles?
2. What is your technique to attract more millennials, especially recent grads and those aged 22-27 to the financial representative role?
3. Why will this technique be effective within the 22-27 year old recent grad/millennial target audience?
4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, videos, graphs or any other visuals that better illustrate your idea

Bonus: Record a short (1-3 minutes maximum) video explaining your submission and include a link to YouTube or Dropbox at the top of your submission

What does it mean to be a financial representative? Financial Representatives problem solve for their clients by researching and proposing educated financial strategies which lead to long lasting, value based client relationships. They enrich lives by providing sound financial recommendations to help ensure financial security for clients, and possess the capability to move clients to take action in regard to the implementation of recommendations. They think like business owners, constantly looking for opportunities to expand their practices by identifying and cultivating new client relationships, as well as industry, cultural, and demographic target markets.

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