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Help us design a financial services package for young professionals entering the workforce!
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8 months ago
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Each new generation of graduates enters the workforce hungry for opportunity. With a first full-time job comes a new set of financial responsibilities - for many, they are really "adulting" for the first time.

Imagine that your employer, your new company, offered to help recent graduates like yourself enter the workforce by partnering with a bank to provide you with a set of financial services, tools, and benefits. They can't increase your salary, but what else could your employer do if they partnered with a bank to make your life easier, help you manage your new responsibilities, and get you excited about starting your first job?


Help us create a financial services package that would appeal to college graduates entering the workforce. Specifically, address the following:

  1. Describe your ideal financial services package. What would be included in the package?
  2. What products would be included in the package?