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How can a canned alcoholic beverage best convey flavor expectations?
Challenge Type: business
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When the temperature is blistering, what is the first beverage you reach for to quench your thirst and cool you off? When you're craving a sweet drink with just the right amount of sweetness, what's your go to? If your taste buds are in the mood for something salty, what snack do you grab off the shelf?

As a new alcoholic beverage company with a full-flavor, sweet and refreshing blend of Lemonade & Vodka, available in a variety of flavors like Strawberry and Passion Fruit, we want to understand the best way to inform our consumers about what flavor they're getting when they pick up our products. How can we express our taste profiles to YOU so there is no question as to what you're getting with our canned beverages? We want our flavor expectations to be so established that when you think of a desired taste, our products are top of mind.

NOTE: You must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence in order to participate in this challenge.


1. How can a new alcoholic beverage company leverage the following stimulus to communicate and reinforce attributes of flavor for new beverages?

  • Packaging
  • Photo / Video
  • Sound effects
  • Verbal descriptors
  • Brand / Product experiences
  • Context / Occasions
    • Which stimulus from the above list is the most compelling to you and why?

2. What are some examples of brands you believe have firmly established their taste profiles? (ex. Sprite conveys their taste profile as refreshing,  light, and crisp through context ( sweat / needing to cool down, cold refrigerator), sound effects ( fizz,  gulping,  'ahhhh'), product imagery (condensation,  carbonated liquid bubbles,  ice and fruit))

  • Provide examples of how these brands use various stimulus to accurately describe what taste you experience when you purchase their product?
    • BONUS POINTS for YouTube videos/Instagram reels/Tiktoks that demonstrate product presentation that firmly establishes taste profiles

3. Show us how you would communicate flavor attributes for:

  • A Seltzer Brand
  • A Cider Brand
  • A Hard Lemonade Brand         

Submissions will be graded on a 1-10 scale with the following criteria:

  • Meets Deliverables
  • Quality of  In-depth Explanation
  • Creativity
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