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Use "flowable ice" to make awesome new frozen treats
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68 months ago
Small pic flowable ice

We're very excited about our new flowable ice product, but are having trouble finding the best way to make it a success from a business perspective. Check out the benefits and drawbacks of flowable ice below, and let us know the best way for us to share it with the world!

Check out this video to see flowable ice in action.

Benefits: Flowable ice is a freely flowing frozen powder that consists of 95% frozen ice and 5% fat. Because flowable ice can be stored as a powder, it can be used as an "ingredient" to make new products. The powdered ice can be mixed with a concentrated syrup to form sorbets or with aerated milk based concentrates to make fun new ice creams.

Drawbacks: When frozen (below 0 °C), it flows like it is made of a fine powder but cakes and agglomerates as soon as it starts to melt. This issue with melting/agglomerating means the product fails surprisingly quickly when exposed to room temperature. This makes transport, handling outside of a frozen environment, and finding a feasible market for this new treat difficult.