How do you use technology in your food experience on campus?
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18 months ago

The relationship between tech, social media, and food is growing and changing at an incredible rate. There are apps for making reservations, splitting tabs, deciding where to eat, giving food feedback and ordering. The success or failure of a given dish or entire restaurant can now hinge entirely on how well it integrates with the technology people use alongside their foods.

When was the last time you ate a meal without your phone by your side?! Are you posting pictures of your lunch to Instagram on a regular basis, critiquing every detail of that new banh mi sandwich shop on Yelp, scanning your Facebook newsfeed for check ins and local eateries? We want to know!


Submissions must include the following:

1. What are you using now? Provide a written explanation of what technologies, apps, or websites you consult while you eat or when considering where/what/how to eat and why you use them.
2. What do you want to see next? Submit an idea for a contest, app, recipe, social media promotion, change to an existing app, campaign, or anything else food-tech that you think would be successful amongst college students, and an explanation of why you think it would be successful.
3. (optional) Sketches, drawings, mock ups, power point presentation or videos that support or help explain your idea.


- Winners will be chosen based on the level of clarity, originality of insights, and usability of any ideas presented.
- Is there anything else we should know? Feel free to add any further details (social media accounts/personalities, trending foods, etc.) that you think we'd be interested in to the end of your submission.
- We're looking for outside the box ideas and new lines of thinking so don't be afraid to get creative!

Additional Materials:
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