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How will you partner with energy utilities of the future?
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53 months ago
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Imagine an exciting future where you connect with your energy utility in a much different way. In this future you have the power to personalize the sources of your energy, including solar, wind, hydro, or more standard, possibly less expensive, generation methods. Advancements in smarter electric grids, the connected home and appliances have made it possible to tell within seconds exactly how much energy is being used and by what piece of equipment or appliance. Allowing you at any point in time to know what to expect on your energy bill, and if your appliances and/or equipment are not running optimally, therefore increasing your energy use. Visualize a world where your energy utility enables not only your personalized energy choices, but also provides you actionable steps on how to manage your home or business’ energy use in near real time.

This future will be here soon. Thanks to reliable renewable energy sources, advanced analytics, access to accurate and real-time electric grid data, customers will connect with their utilities in new and amazing ways. How will you and your peers want to engage with your energy utility in this future?