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What is the future of kitchen storage?
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43 months ago
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From voice recognition software to "smart" homes, we have seen today's technology radically impact our living spaces!  Our company is interested in the future of kitchen storage and the features and functions it will have 10 years from now.  In a decade, will kitchen storage even be recognizable as the cabinets we see today?  

We envision the traditional kitchen cabinet evolving in the following three directions:

  1. Smart Cabinets:  What information will they send and receive?  How does a user interact with them?
  2. Automated Features: Do they use sensors?  Can they be opened or raised using a remote control?  Do they have activators that move shelves around?
  3. New Storage Solution: Will we be using something that hardly resembles a traditional cabinet at all?  If so, what will it be?  What does it look like?