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What's your prediction for the future of beer?
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33 months ago
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***NOTE: To be eligible for rewards, you must be of Legal Drinking Age in your country of residence.***

Beer, and almost everything about it, is changing. Styles of beer that draw from influences modern and traditional become popular overnight. Choices abound. Even the way we drink beer is changing. As more and more people rely on the digital world for connection, fewer people go to pubs and bars to socialize and make friends.

In short: the beer of tomorrow won't be the same as the beer of today. But what if you think past tomorrow? What will beer be like in 2028? What about in 2038? How will people buy it, drink it, and talk about it? What will its most popular styles and flavors be? With your help, we'll be able to see the future of beer.


Tell us about the future of beer. Specifically, answer the following questions in detail:

  1. Think forward 10 to 20 years. Imagine a 25-year-old, born between 20