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What will laundry look like in 2030?
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63 months ago
Small pic future of laundry

It seems the farther we get into the future the faster things change. Thirty years someone might use a landline phone to call in to a restaurant you knew to make a reservation. In 2016 we can use a smartphone to research a restaurant to eat at, reserve a table, and then request a car for a ride to dinner.

Anon Laundry co is in the business of taking dirty clothes and getting them clean. We’ve already seen many advances in this field such as on demand washing services like Washio, and single serve laundry pods that eliminate the need to measure detergent. We think that this is just the beginning of big changes in the laundry world, and want to know what you think will come next.


1. What will be generally different about most consumer’s lifestyles in the year 2030? (~1 Paragraph)