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What is the future of grocery retail?
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51 days ago
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In the world of grocery retail, the landscape has for a long time remained largely immune to disruption. However, the recent developments of new technologies, the rise of e-commerce and ever-changing consumer behaviors are disrupting the future of the physical grocery store. Today, click-and-collect, self-serving automation equipment, and touchless checkouts are blurring the lines between digital and physical shopping experiences. Still, the future of food might look very different than it does today! 

Imagine visiting your local supermarket or grocery store in 2030 – what will the experience be like? What will the store look like and what products will you potential be buying in person rather than online? As the development of emerging technologies like IoT, AR&VR, Food-tech and Big Data grows, we want your ideas on how these tech trends, alongside consumer expectations will shape the future o