Gather energy data across hundreds of properties
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Prologis ( owns and operates 600 million square feet of industrial distribution space around the world. This space is leased to a variety of logistics and distribution customers such as DHL, FedEX, etc. Each customer is responsible for their own energy use (i.e. they pay their own utility bills without landlord involvement).

Due to regulations like AB1103 in California, property owners are compelled to disclose building energy performance. Additionally, having access to energy consumption data better-enables Prologis to target energy-saving improvements at specific properties.

Energy consumption

With more than 400 buildings and over a thousand customers in California alone, asking each one for gas, electric, and water bills every month becomes an excessively time-consuming task.

Propose one cost-effective way to gather and monitor energy data from our property portfolio. Describe 1) your method 2) why you believe your method is the most cost-effective and 3) how you would implement your idea. Avoid proposing data collection via utility providers.

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