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Propose an idea to change the world of gift wrapping
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When it comes to the way people wrap gifts, different people fall into  different "persona" buckets based on how they like to present their gifts. For this challenge, we are focused on two specific gift wrapper personas:

Confident Creatives: People in this bucket have the following characteristics:

  • They LOVE to wrap gifts, and see it as a creative outlet
  • They want the gift to stand out and look amazing 
  • The gift wrapping should reflect their personal style and the latest trends
  • They want gift wrapping options that provide more variety, unique accessories, and on-trend designs
  • Aesthetics and quality are key!
  • They want the gift wrapping to look as pretty as the gift itself

Practical Presenters: People in this bucket have the following characteristics:

  • They don't necessarily "love" wrapping gifts 
  • They tend to want to present the gift in a way that's cheap & easy
  • They do see the need to conceal the gift as part of the element of surprise; they just don't want to spend a lot to do it
  • Convenience is important - they are looking for easy to use solutions
  • Oftentimes, they present gifts using gift bags instead of wrapping paper

We have also identified a few trends that are rising in popularity that we'd like you to consider:

1) "Little something" gifts: small non-occasion, non-seasonal gifts to let a friend know you're thinking of them. Think of it as micro-gifting

2) Personalized/customized gifts and gift presentations - gift & wrap solutions that feel very personalized to the recipient

3) Sustainable gift wrapping solutions (ex. recyclable or reusable ways to wrap/present gifts)


We'd like you to propose a new product idea to change the world of gift wrapping/gift presentation, keeping in mind the two gift wrapper personas and emerging trends we shared.

1) What is your idea?

  • Which gift wrapper persona is the target of your idea?
  • Explain which trend your idea focuses on. You can pick one of the trends from above, or something different!

2) How does your idea improve the process of wrapping and giving gifts?

3) Why would your product idea do well in today's market?

4) OPTIONAL: Feel free to include an artistic rendering (sketch, mockup, etc.) if you feel it will strengthen your submission

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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