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The internet provides instant access to all different types of information and data. Individuals post photos, witty tweets, new songs and more while larger entities share the different types and amounts of interactions users have with their products and other larger-scale info. There are a near infinite number of data points arising from all over the world at any given moment.

Something that can sometimes be lost in all this digital data is where these things are happening on our planet earth. This is where the Chrome Experiment WebGL Globe comes in. It allows you to enter many types of data and map where the associated events occurred on the planet! You can show where Instagram followers come from, where bitcoins are being spent, where concerts are being held and more.


Create a data visualization that shows where data is being created on a Globe:

Part I: Pick your dataset.

Pick an interesting data API or dataset that includes geographic locations. Most common social media APIs include geographic locations (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Another example is NASA’s dataset of meteorite landings.

Part II: Create your visualization.

Build an application that visualizes the data on the WebGL Globe.

Optional Bonus objectives:

Bonus 1: Use a different geographic data visualization tool from the WebGL Globe.

Bonus 2: Add an additional element to your visualization such as live data tracking and updates.

Bonus 3: Tie in a current or historical event such as coverage of the 2016 US Election or the conquests of the Ottoman Empire.

You may complete all bonus objectives if you like.

Please submit the following in the text box below:

A. A link to a live version of the application that we can try out (deploy via Heroku, AWS, etc..).

B. Include link to a public Github repo that we can access.

C. A one paragraph explanation of what you built and what you used to build it (language, frameworks, libraries, etc..)

D. (Optional) Include a short video explaining your submission.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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