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Bring more shoppers and item donations to Goodwill
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58 months ago
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Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan has a mission to assist individuals with barriers to employment in making the transition to independence and self-sufficiency. We believe that through the power and dignity of work, individuals are able to achieve both economic self-sufficiency and a productive role in society.

The key to driving our mission to help individuals better themselves and enter the workforce are those that shop and donate at our Goodwill stores. Donors give us their lightly-used or new clothing, appliances, and anything else, and we sell those vintage garments, useful tools, and unique collectibles at affordable prices to our shoppers. We want to bring shoppers and donations to our stores, but don’t want to spend (too much!) money that would otherwise go towards helping individuals enter the workforce.


How can we bring more shoppers and item donations to Goodwill stores:

1. What is your idea