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Propose a device to facilitate group projects and foster collaboration

Group work and collaboration are an integral part of the university and graduate (especially business) school experience. However, collaboration is still primarily an analog experience. Whiteboards and notebooks are used to get the work done, and group text messages and emails facilitate communication. These methods are out of date with cloud and other modern technologies readily available.

To this end, we want to know: What parts about group work are the toughest to deal with? What solutions can we come up with to meet these issues? What technologies can we use to deliver these solutions?

The focus of this challenge is on sharing pain points and creating a new device or ecosystem of devices.

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Propose a device/technology or entire suite of products to organize group projects and foster collaboration:

1. What are the key pain points caused by today’s processes around group work and collaboration?
2. What new device or technology could meet these pain points to facilitate group projects?
3. How does the design of your device or technology help to facilitate group projects specifically?
4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, videos, graphs or any other visuals that show your device or technology

You should propose in your solution a new device for facilitating group work. For example, an series of tablet computers that allow many people to work on the same screen at once.

Things to consider:

- ”Device/technology” It's best to propose a new device or physical technology, not just apps or online tech. We encourage you to propose an ecosystem of multiple technologies that combine to make one system.
- No Sci Fi! New technologies are encouraged but nothing that wouldn't be feasible to implement within the next 5 years.
- Show us! It’s listed as optional, but including images and mock-ups will go a long way to help you communicate your idea.
- Keep our perspective! Consider our role as the potential creator of your device/ecosystem/technology.

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