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ACTIVITY CHALLENGE: Pick a hair styling product that stands out to you!
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Please note:  You must reside within the US  to be eligible for a prize. 

You don't need to look any further than your local supermarket to see the vast array of hair care products you can choose from!  Given the many product options, it's important for us to know which products catch your attention on shelves and which benefits you are truly looking for in your hair styling products.  Today's challenge is a fun opportunity to tell us about your dream hair care product and partake in an in-store activity!  


US Solvers Only 

Part 1: Tell us about your hair care! 

Please answer all survey questions below.  Then answer the following short-answer questions: 

  1. What is most important in determining the hair care products you use regularly?  For example, do you read the labels on hair care products?  Do you base it on the type of hair you have?  Recommendations from others? Price?
  2. If you could choose to have any hair care product from any brand at any price, what would you choose and why?  Think of this as the dream product you would love to have!  If it already exists, tell us exactly what brand and product it is.  If it doesn't exist yet, describe what it would be like!

Part 2: In-Store Activity!

Visit the hair care aisle or section in a store (could be a supermarket, a discount store like Walmart, a drug store, a specialty retailer like Ulta, etc.). Take photos of any STYLING products as well as any communication material (advertisement, visuals, packs, colors, benefits claims, etc.) that grabs your attention  on the shelves.  Of the styling products you photograph, choose the one that you would most like to try.  Then complete the following: 

  1. Photo Uploads:
    1. Upload the photo of  your chosen styling product using the attachment option in the open text box.  Photo needs to be taken in the retail store!
    2. Please also upload a selfie that shows your hair (does not need to show your face)
  2. Label your photo with the brand, type of product, any specific variance (for ex: it's a leave-in conditioner by X brand named Y for blonde hair) and the size.
  3. Tell us why you chose this specific product.  Was it something on the label? Do you expect a certain benefit from using it?  Do you like the ingredients?  etc.
  4. Focus on the label and tell us which part of it first caught your eye?
  5. Did  you know this product before or is it completely new to you?

**Styling products should not include shampoo or traditional conditioner.

Please note: We will be selecting winners on a completion basis.  The first 64 people to complete Parts 1 & 2 will be eligible for a $25 prize.  To be considered complete, your submission must contain all required components and be organized.  We will be closing the challenge once we have enough submissions for prizes. 

Submission questions

What is your age?

14 or 15
16 or 17
18 - 22
23 - 26
27 - 30
31 - 35

With which gender do you identify?

prefer not to say

Please select the race of ethnicity that best applies to you:

American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African-American
Hispanic or Latino
Middle East or North African
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Some other race or ethnicity

Which of the following best describes the length of your hair?

Close to the Scalp / Shaved / Buzzed / Bald
Very Short (about 1 - 2 inches)
Short (2 - 4 inches)
Medium (between chin and shoulder length)
Long (past shoulders)

How would you classify the shape of your hair?

Very Straight
Slightly Wavy
Slightly Curly
Frizzy / Very Curly
Very Frizzy

Do you use hair styling products currently? (this does not include shampoo or conditioner)

yes I use them currently
no but I have used them in the past
I do not use them

Who is the main person that decides on / purchases the hair care products you use?

my significant other
my parents
my roommates and/or friends
not applicable

Do you currently reside within the US?


Where do you purchase your hair care products most often?

Retail Store (Mass Stores)
Grocery/Drug Stores
Salon/Barber shop
Not applicable