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QUICK SOLVE: Tell us about how you maintain a healthy lifestyle (US only)
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NOTE: The first 20 complete and detailed responses will receive $50 each. The three best responses from the entire challenge will receive $100 each. Only solvers located in the United States will be eligible for rewards on this challenge.

When looking at the future of employment, it is just as important to consider what health benefits will look like in 5-10 years as anything else. We are particularly interested in how health insurance will look as it pertains to health activation. Health activation is anything that enables someone to be self-aware about their health and well-being--including spiritual, physical, emotional, and health-related financial well-being--and empowers them to make better decisions. Health activation is measured primarily on improvement in member health outcomes. 

We want your help understanding consumers who lead active and healthy lives. In addition to the rewards provided on this challenge, a shortlisted group of participants will be invited to a second challenge round with $1,000 in prizes.


Tell us about how you lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Specifically, answer each of the following questions in detail. Winning responses must be complete and detailed:

  1. When it comes to managing and improving your health today, what activities or technologies do you utilize? (e.g. regular doctor visits, dental/vision check-ups, working out regularly, diet/nutrition, fitness apps/trackers, wearables)? Out of the activities or technologies you utilize, which ones are the most frequent and why? Please be as detailed as possible.

  2. Which of these activities are paid for by your employer or by your health plan?
Submission questions

What is your full legal name? Include first, middle (if applicable), and last.


Where do you currently reside? Include city, state, and country.


Do you hold a Director or Officer position, or are you a Significant Shareholder, at any public or private company?


If you answered yes for the previous question, provide the full legal name for each company and its country of domicile.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where "1" represents "I do not invest in my health (exercise, nutrition, annual check-ups, preemptive tests, etc.)," and "10" is I invest heavily in my health (exercise, nutrition, annual check-ups, preemptive tests, etc.)," where would you place yourself?


Are you employed?


If you are employed, is your employer a Fortune 1000 company? Confirm at this link.

What is your gender?


What is your age?


How do you receive health insurance today?

I am covered through a parent or guardian
I am covered through my spouse
I am covered through my employer
I pay for my own health insurance coverage
I do not have health insurance coverage
I don't know

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