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What's your flavor idea for a multi-grain snack?
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11 months ago
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Please note:  Although this challenge is open to all participants, we are especially interested in hearing from those with Asian or Hispanic backgrounds.

We are a global company who makes packaged snack and breakfast foods.  We want to know your ideas for mouthwatering, sweet and savory flavors for a multi-grain snack (ex: granolas, chips, trail mixes, puffed snacks, etc.).  The flavors you propose must be understood by consumers to have inherent health benefits, such as improving energy or mental well-being.  


We want to understand your insights and ideas for delicious flavors for a multi-grain snack that are known by consumers to be inherently healthy.  Specifically:

  1. What grains, spices, herbs or other flavors are seen as being inherently beneficial in your culture for energy or mental well-being?  Which are believed to lift your mood and help you focus on tackling life’s challenges?
  2. How would you combine those ingredients into mouthwatering, crave-able multi-grain snacks?  Propose at least 2 sweet and 2 savory flavor combination ideas, but feel free to propose more.  
    • Ex 1 savory: Ginger & Ginseng Corn Chips > ginger and ginseng are both seen as healthy and corn is a grain
    • Ex 2 sweet: Dark Chocolate & Caramel Granola Bites > dark chocolate is seen as the healthy ingredient
  3. OPTIONAL: Tell us your mouthwatering flavor names that will grab people’s attention and make them want to try the product.


  • Top submissions will be flavors that have broad appeal in your culture.  They should not just appeal to "foodies" or a small subset of individuals. 
  • For the purpose of this challenge, multi-grain snacks include things like granolas, chips, bars, trail mixes, and puffed snacks.
  • When proposing your new flavor combinations, be sure to specifically mention the healthy ingredients that are part of your idea!  
  • Your flavor combinations should make sense for multi-grain snacks that you could find in a supermarket or convenience store.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Taste Appeal for the General Population
  • Uniqueness