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62 months ago

As MindSumo continues to grow, we want to utilize the brainpower of students all across the country, not just at Stanford. However, we know that students are constantly bombarded with different marketing campaigns or events happening on campus, and sometimes it can be hard to cut through the clutter and really capture the interest of kids in college.

We are looking for solutions to how you think MindSumo could effectively leverage different mediums (viral campaigns, campus reps, social media, video, on campus events, press etc.) to expand the MindSumo platform to schools across the country. Think about what would capture your attention as a student, and what would motivate you to check out something like MindSumo.

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Provide a pdf file that contains the following 3 solution ideas:
1. Social Media - a solution that MindSumo could use that involves using social media (facebook, twitter, viral videos etc.) to attract students to sign up and participate in MindSumo challenges
2. On campus - a solution that increase awareness by utilizing things specific to college campuses: student reps, on-campus programs, classes, etc. What things are common to most top-tier campuses.
3. Outside the box - be creative!

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