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Help college students keep their math skills sharp
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Many college students face a similar problem: even though they are not majoring in math, other courses require them to remember how to solve certain types of math problems as part of the coursework. Whether it’s statistics, physics, biology, economics, or other disciplines, it can be hard for students to recall the math concepts and skills they may have learned months or even years ago.

We are interested in developing an app that helps students who need to brush up on their math skills. We don't want a calculator that just spits out an answer. We want an app that can teach students the math concepts they need to succeed in any course. The app should be easy to use and intuitive and incorporate things like step-by-step examples, video tutorials and advanced search functionality.

We want your unique vision for this app and how it would work. Be creative in your approach, and feel free to explore new and exciting technology to incorporate into your solution!