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Convenient, healthy snacking is important to people leading busy lives. Snacks that provide a benefit such as fiber, protein, the inclusion of healthy ingredients (vegetables, whole grains), or the exclusion of undesirable ingredients (wheat) have additional appeal. We are interested in ideas for cracker-like snacks delivered in creative, user-friendly formats with unique flavors, forms, and textures.

The cracker-like snack could be made from a variety of things, (ex. grains, nuts, seeds, beans, etc.) and should focus on great taste and satisfying a craving while having at least one trait that makes the consumer feel better about their snack choice.


Please submit an idea for a new cracker-like snack. Specifically, explain the following:

1) What health benefit would your cracker-like snack provide to those who ate it?

2) What ingredients would you use to make your cracker-like snack?

3) How would consumers eat your snack?

4) Attach an artistic rendering (sketch, mockup, design, etc.) showing what your snack would look like, and any special steps necessary to consume it.