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Prominent companies around the world are searching for innovative solutions to help their employees stay healthy, happy and more productive. Key areas of concern to HR departments include:

Preventing and managing chronic disease (particularly diabetes), improving nutrition and exercise , smoking cessation, stress reduction, providing healthcare and wellness services to a globally dispersed workforce, physical therapy / rehab (reducing time away from work while recovering from orthopedic injuries), high-risk obstetrics (helping employees & their partners manage the very stressful experience that is a complicated pregnancy), advanced cancer care (enabling employees to actively participate in their own cancer care, including selecting expert oncologists and cutting edge/ evidence-based treatments), value based care (identifying high quality and high value physicians and hospitals for orthopedic & cardiovascular surgeries), and caring for sick family members (including elderly parents).

To help solve these problems, the Corporate Partners Program of Stanford University Medical Center is launching a challenge to find innovative teams to fix these HR issues. Learn more about the program.

The winning team will receive support from StartX Med as either a company in our Summer-Fall accelerator program or pre-accelerator program Motwani Labs. As a StartX Med company you will benefit from world-class mentorship, education and business resources at no charge, no charge, equity or otherwise, for participation in the program

The winning team will also become Entrepreneurial Fellows at Stanford Hospital and receive special support and mentorship from StartX Med and the Corporate Partners Program at Stanford University Medical Center. As Entrepreneurial Fellows, winners will be provided tailored mentorship from a network of healthcare leaders, physicians, and successful entrepreneurs with a goal of assisting the winning team with proof-of-concept and validation of their technology.

The winning team of the developer challenge will win a $400 cash prize.



- Please provide the names and a brief resume for each of your team members.

- Describe each team members expertise as it relates to your company.

- Did you participate in the StartX / Stanford Hospital Innovation Challenge’s weekend-long hackathon?


- Describe your product or service. What problem do you solve? What is most exciting about it?

- Who is your target user and why would they use your product?

- How large is your market and how will you capture it?

- Name three competitors in your space. How will you differentiate your company?

- What stage are you at right now? How long have you been working? If possible, provide a link to a prototype.

Please use the following data sets for your solution:

Note: We encourage but do not require the use of open data sets and APIs. Please provide a link to a working demo (for web or mobile products). For hardware or service solutions, please link to a video with a live demo or self-narrated description of the solution.


    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Winner receives $400
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