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Help parents motivate and engage their kids to keep their teeth clean
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Everyone is familiar with the typical scene of parents struggling to get their young children to thoroughly brush their teeth every morning and night. For parents this is a frustrating, often messy process and they don’t get the reassurance that they are correctly taking care of their kids’ teeth. For kids it is a dreaded activity with no instant gratification or enjoyment. Moreover, the lack of proper oral hygiene habits from a young age can result in hefty dental bills down the road!


Propose a new product/technology targeted for children between the ages of 5-10 to help parents motivate their kids to regularly and thoroughly brush their teeth in the morning and at night. The whole experience should be easier, more engaging, and take the pain out of brushing teeth for both parents and kids.

Please be sure to explain:

1) What elements of your product/technology act as the motivating factors for the children and parents?

2) How would you market the product/technology to convince parents to buy it and kids to use it?

3) How is it different versus existing in-market offerings?

Please be sure to avoid the following:

1) Avoid proposing existing products with new branding (e.g. sesame street toothbrush).