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Help patients taper off pain killing opioids
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59 months ago
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Opioid treatments are extremely effective at combating even the most severe pain. However opioids may lead to dependencies which can cause symptoms of withdrawal when the drug application is stopped.

To avoid withdrawal symptoms a tapering down routine is usually performed. However, when opioids are freely available as tablets, patients are prone to a tapering routine that is either too fast or too slow.

We are looking for a technology which ensures a controlled tapering routine after opioid use. Using this technology, the patient should not have the freedom to take more or less of the intended dose of opioids.


Ideally the tapering down dosage would be applied to the patient through a single event or trigger. Additionally, a manual override for the doctor would be beneficial in case he or she would like to increase or decrease the dosage.

1. What technology or method could be developed for safe and secure tapering of opioid use?

2. How is the dosing schedule enforced by your proposed technology?

3. Why is your proposed method safe and compliant for the patient?

4. Could a doctor alter the speed of the tapering down process? How?

Use any charts, diagrams, images, sketches, or visuals to help communicate y