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Help us harness consumer information from our pick-up lockers
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55 months ago
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Many 7-Eleven locations in urban and suburban areas are also the sites of Amazon Lockers and UPS Access Point Lockers, an innovative new way for consumers to receive packages and other deliveries. These lockers, most often located on the store exterior, make it easier to safely receive packages if the recipient is not available during delivery hours. Instead of having a box sitting unprotected on your doorstep, you can have it routed to a nearby locker, accessible only by a code provided to the recipient via email. The recipient can swing by after work or school, on the way home, and grab the delivery.

These lockers are a great idea, but we currently have no way of tracking whether someone who makes a locker pick-up subsequently makes a 7-Eleven purchase on the same visit. We need to get a better idea of whether they bring more customers into our 7-Eleven stores.


Help us find a way to better understand the connection between lockers outside our stores and business inside our stores. Provide detailed answers to the following questions: