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What would you name a new line of Brisk iced teas?
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64 months ago
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Brisk has refreshing flavorful iced teas available across North America and they are looking to add a new option to their wide range of products: the functional iced tea. These teas will take the widely-loved flavor of Brisk and add special ingredients that deliver added energizing, replenishing, or invigorating benefits.

These new teas will keep you mentally and physically invigorated and hydrated both before and after activities, without the inevitable crash other energy drinks and supplements have. Some of these products will contain a variety of natural ingredients, like matcha, mate and theanine, to give you a natural boost with no jitters. other Brisk functional tea products will be packed with antioxidants and electrolytes to help hydrate you after a long night.


Update: We are certain that names similar to "Brisky Business" and "Frisky" or "Brisky" are not what we are looking for. Please go in a different direction.

We have been calling these products "functional iced teas," but we need to find the ideal name for this line of products. Brisk is a fun brand, known for its bold and intense flavors tha