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What do you, personally, want out of a performance review process?
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60 months ago
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Having a thorough, thoughtful, and dynamic career development and performance review process is crucial for employees to feel confident about their personal growth. At Eide Bailly, our current process involves having employees meet semi-annually with their career advisor who provide feedback on performance, expectations, and the employee's personal goals. Such a process was once an industry standard, but now firms are moving toward career development and performance review sessions that are more creative, less formal, and more fulfilling for everyone involved.

Currently, we have 6 - 10 competencies, varying by level that are evaluated semi-annually. Feedback is obtained by 360 survey’s and roundtable discussions semi-annually.


We want your ideas for what a new career development and performance review process should look like. Specifically:

  1. What would you, personally, find valuable in a work performance review process?
  2. How often do you want performance feedback? How do you want to receive feedback?
  3. What areas, besides performance review and