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At American Express, we know that one of the best ways to attract new customers is through referrals from satisfied customers. People trust the opinions of their friends and family members, and we’d like to figure out how to get more American Express cardmembers to encourage their social circles to become a cardmember and use our services.

In the past, we’ve incentivized cardmembers to get their friends to sign up by offering points and rewards, but usage of our referral program is relatively low. We know there are more creative methods that could be explored.

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Submit a proposal detailing how you would encourage American Express cardmembers to encourage their friends and family to sign up for a card and become a cardmember. Be sure to include the following:

1) Explain how your proposal would motivate current cardmembers to refer their friends to sign up. Considerations (but not required):
a) How can we make the incentives more relevant and tangible to them and their friends?
b) How can we utilize social media as a tool for getting cardmembers to make referrals?
2) Explain how we can get friends to better respond to offers from their cardmember friends.
3) Tell us if you think there is a particular age group or demographic that would be most prone to referring their friends using your approach. Why?

Additional Information:
Check out our membership experience and membership rewards to give you ideas and selling points that could be used as part of your proposal to get more referrals.

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