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How should we use holograms in the future?
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50 months ago
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Imagine going to the movies to see your favorite film brought to life in 3D.  You don't have to wear any glasses or strain your eyes, and the actors look so real it's like seeing them in person!   This experience can be made possible with holograms: photographic recordings of a light field that display fully three-dimensional images of the photographed objects.  Unlike images formed by a lens, holography does not rely on special glasses or a screen.  

Although holographic technology has yet to be perfected, the holograms of the future will be indistinguishable from the real objects they depict.  You might see a car that looks so real you will not be able to tell it is a hologram projected in mid-air!  People on different sides of the world might use holographic technology to meet "face-to-face!"  We want to know YOUR ideas about specific ways holograms will be used in the future and what capabilities they will allow beyond traditional 3D displays.